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McKenzie Walker

Mackenzie Walker is a tall, handsome teen with an incredibly built bod, who finds his way into the Boynapped house and at the mercy of the crew. Suspended and stripped, Kenzie is humiliated and forced to get hard for Sebastian’s pleasure. Oiled, sucked and wanked, it’s not long before Mackenzie submits to the pleasure and his ordeal. Hard and desperate to cum, Mackenzie pleads for release but Sebastian was only playing and turns to flogging the buff boy’s body, telling him his cum shot will have to wait.

Johnny Carlisle

Johnny Carlisle finds himself pinned to the wall of the warehouse; dressed and scared with no idea what is about to happen to him. In walks Sebastian, who has already fallen in love with this shy, nervous looking teen. An untouched virgin, Johnny is overwhelmed with sexual emotion and falls quickly under Sebastian’s powerful charm. Desperate for naked contact, Johnny seems pleased to be stripped, kissed and jerked-off – all of which Sebastian is only too pleased to deliver. A powerful hour of passion results in Seb and Johnny climaxing together.

Kenzie Madison

Hoe, hoe, hoe! Merry Christmas Boynapped lovers! At the Boynapped home, Sebastian always likes to do this right, which includes having a Christmas tree in the form of the gorgeous Kenzie Madison. Watch as Sebastian entertains himself decorating Kenzie with all the balls and tinsel he can find. Pegging Christmas barbells on Kenzie’s toned, fresh body soon gets both of them hot and horny. Ever seen a Christmas tree get fucked? No? Then now’s the moment as Sebastian bends Kenzie over – decorations and all – and fucks him hard.

Leon Wilson

Innocent, shy and brand spanking new, Leon West finds himself napped and restrained at the Boynapped house. Unable to release himself, Leon is stripped naked and exposed, but strangely turned on by his nude state. Sebastian wastes no time and starts feeling the vulnerable boy’s naked body. He soon enters Leon’s virgin hole, pounding that butt as he cries out. Wanked hard, Leon is unable to control himself and lets loose a massive load of white cum. The final violation takes place when Sebastian makes Leon kneel and beg for his load to be shot over his head.

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Horny Cristiano Ronaldo and other sexy sportsmen being naughty

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